payroll solution for business brokersSuiteHR, a joint venture that combines market leading technology with local services provided by employee benefits brokers, has launched a payroll, HR, and benefits technology and services solution for small to mid-sized employers. The solution is designed for employers looking to have a single technology platform and local, high-touch services. These services are delivered through local employee benefits brokerage firms and HR consulting firms throughout the U.S. The technology has functionality in the HR, benefits, payroll, and recruitment areas in a single database and can be accessed via the web, tablets, or mobile devices by the employer and employees.

“Technology is available to simplify HR, benefits, and payroll for small to mid-sized companies, but these firms often don’t have the time, capacity, or capabilities within their organization to get things up and running,” says Tim Doherty, a SuiteHR broker partner in Massachusetts. “There is a better and easier way to manage HR and give employees access to information 24/7, but the journey to get there is often challenging for employers. We make it easy.”

The SuiteHR solution delivers a single technology through a single source making compliance, data accuracy, and cost management simpler and eliminating common employer issues. And employees get 24/7 access to HR, benefits, and payroll information through a single log-in. SuiteHR is also looking for benefits broker partners in markets across the U.S. For more information contact

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