December 4, 2011

Survey: 84% of Employees Intend to Pursue New Job in 2012

NewsA new survey released by Right Management, the talent and career management company within ManpowerGroup, has found wide employee discontent among American workers. The online polling of more than 1,000 employees reports that 84% intend to look for a new position in 2012, a result similar to last year’s survey.

“The survey findings reflect a lot of employee dissatisfaction across North America,” said Right Management Executive Vice President Bram Lowsky. “Employees are restless and feel they are lacking in options. The prolonged period of economic uncertainty has meant much less job mobility than usual, and employees understandably believe they have fewer career opportunities, either internally or via a new position.”

Lowsky places the responsibility for employee retention squarely on management and suggests that managers identify employees that excel and have proactive, constructive career discussions with them. “These kinds of people always have career options,” he said, “It’s your job to know who they are, to let them know you know who they are and to tune in to their individual motivators in order to hold onto them.”

Right Management, a part of the ManpowerGroup, is a global leader in talent and career management workforce solutions. They have offices in over 50 countries and work with companies of all sizes, with Fortune 500 companies comprising more than 80% of clients.

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