May 3, 2013

Survey: Companies More Focused on Mobile Employee Referral Programs

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ring of peopleEmployee referral platform company GooodJob  just released the results of  its  “Mobile Recruiting – 2013” survey, examining the recruiting strategies of 150 companies. The survey focused on referral programs and mobile optimization.

The study showed that employee referrals are socially driven, i.e. they take place outside of the office. When employees interact with family and friends (potential candidates), instead of waiting until the work week to refer someone, the employees need to have a mobile referral option.

“HR departments often make the mistake of running referral programs just like any other internal program,” Assaf Eisenstein, GooodJob founder and CEO, said. “The crucial difference is that referrals originate outside of the confines of the workplace, when employees are socializing with their friends and online networks.”

With the mobile option, employees can refer anyone, anytime and anywhere. Providing employees with vacancy social media sharing tools from within an employee referral program increases the social presence and employer brand awareness that so many organizations are eager to achieve.

Other findings include:

  • More than 75 percent of companies have a majority of employees who own smartphones
  • In 2012, more than 70 percent of companies had low rates of hires from referrals (up to 30%), and more than two-thirds are dissatisfied with these numbers
  • Over 40 percent of organizations have already implemented a mobile recruiting strategy, with more than half using mobile-optimized careers websites
  • In 2013, most companies plan to revise their employer branding approaches, increase their social presence and improve the candidate experience

“Mobile recruiting has come to connote mobile optimization of processes for job-seekers – careers websites, SMS vacancy updates, and the like,” Eisenstein said. “What these survey results prove is that mobile is a tool that can also be used for another important element in the recruiting game – employee referral programs.”

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