ring of peopleEmployWise, a cloud-based SaaS HR automation provider, has released the results of its survey investigating what keeps employees motivated in the workplace. Performed on LinkedIn, the survey drew on responses to the options of constant appreciation, compensation, communication, challenging work, and “all of the above” to pinpoint what keeps employees motivated to do their work. Results showed that 7 percent of respondents said constant appreciation as a motivational factor and 8 percent said compensation was one.

Another 8 percent agreed that communication motivated them while 12 percent said a challenging work or work environment drove them to perform better. The majority of respondents (31 percent) agreed that “all of the above” contributed to motivating them to perform at their best. Commenting on the outcome, EmployWise Senior Corporate Communications Executive Ambika Maggu said:

“Constant Appreciation not only makes employees feel good about their work but also keeps them motivated. Although how much money you make has no bearing on how much you enjoy your job, yet it’s a known fact that employees work for money. So, compensation will definitely be a good motivating factor as earning a good amount of wage boosted the overall happiness of an employee and his/her family.”

She continued by saying that communications keeps organizational human relations strong while a positive and challenging work environment encourages participation and full engagement. Ultimately, Maggu concluded that the survey underlines how all the tested factors are involved in keeping employees motivated and engaged in their work.


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