newspaper rollTake the Interview, recently announced details of its Interview Management Platform, a new, innovative tool that helps streamline the interview process. The new technology is designed to solve interviewing challenges while improving communication and collaboration between job candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

According to Take the Interview, the cutting-edge Interview Management Platform helps eliminate common challenges in the interview process to help employers identify right-fit talent faster. This medium-agnostic solution standardizes the interview, captures and streamlines the conversations companies have with candidates and documents the information learned throughout the process. As result, recruiters and hiring managers can collaborate to make well-informed decisions and hire the right candidates the first time.

Features include:

  • Guided interview questions—The platform offers position- and candidate-specific guided interview questions, helping companies better meet compliance with OFCCP regulations as all candidates are asked the same questions.
  •   Recordable interviews—Employers can record dynamic video interviews with candidates, easily review the conversation, rewind to specific parts and share with colleagues.
  • Capture key thoughts in real timeHiring managers can create notes and rate each candidate directly within the platform in real time. Comments are annotated during the interview and reviewers can go back to specific moments captured during that interview.
  •   Enhanced sharing capabilityRecruiters, hiring managers and other stakeholders have the ability to collaboratively review and share feedback on candidates and, through group sharing, effectively pipeline candidates and share talent across the organization.
  • Improved candidate experienceCandidates benefit from real-time feedback about their candidacy and can leverage their mobile devices to interview and receive information from employers.

“Candidate experience is paramount when considering how to conduct your interview process. The Interview Management Platform involves all key stakeholders, and gives them the opportunity to participate in the hiring process and deliver feedback to candidates in a timely way,” Danielle Weinblatt, co-founder and CEO of Take the Interview, said. “Our product was designed to help companies overcome the challenges often associated with hiring great talent, enabling hiring teams to evaluate feedback throughout the interview process and understand why a candidate was ultimately hired. This is important because it ensures the right individuals are brought onboard.”

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