SkillsMany job seekers tend to withhold their accomplishments in the name of modesty. Who wants to hire a braggart, after all?

But a vital component of landing a job is self-confidence. Self-confidence sells and shows potential employers how you shine amongst a glut of me-too candidates. With that in mind, consider these job hunting tips from sales professionals before jumping into the fray of the job hunt:

Write Great Advertising Copy

Selling any product starts with a quality advertising campaign, and good copy forms the foundation of any successful ad campaign. When selling yourself to potential employers, your resume and cover letters act as your personal advertising copy. Great copy captures attention, holds interest, and convinces people to buy. When composing your resume and cover letters, keep these purposes in mind. Write and format your work to quickly capture the attention of hiring managers. Add informative details in an interesting or entertaining way to hold their attention. Clinch the deal with facts about yourself that make them want to buy what you have to offer.

Take Advantage of Free Advertising

Free advertising is abundantly available in the digital world of the Internet. Selling yourself through social media sites and other online venues is a great way to expand your job search. Talk regularly about your job search and your unique qualifications. Portray an upbeat attitude and a confident demeanor. Digital networking makes it easy to share your information with many more people than those on your personal contact list. Use keywords in your updates and blurbs to attract potential employers offering the type of positions you desire.

Keep Your Image Clean

Sales professionals are always aware of how scandals and rumors can quickly mar the reputation of their products or services. During your job search, be vigilant and proactive about your personal reputation. Take complete stock of your online accounts and keep a careful eye out for anything that could cause a problem. Make sure your online presence is clean. Avoid talking negatively about previous co-workers, bosses, or companies during interviews and other interactions. Selling yourself is easier when you monitor your words and actions with an eye towards a future sale.

Improve Your Product

Make your product (read: you) new and improved by attending conferences, continuing your education, or doing volunteer work relevant to you field. Do not undervalue any of your self-improvement activities. When selling yourself to employers, let them know that you are not sitting idle. Keeping your product up-to-date helps you stand out in a crowded candidate pool.

Selling yourself like a sales pro improves your chances of landing your ideal job. Focus on your strengths, create a high-quality, focused advertising campaign in your resume, cover letter, and social media outreach, and network to find the right buyer. In these ways, great sales techniques can help you get a great job.

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