talenttoday career guidance assessment platformTalentoday, an online career guidance platform, has launched to provide professional assistance to young professionals and recent graduates with science-based guidance solutions. Talentoday helps individuals identify unique assets, strengths, and motivation in order to choose a more fulfilling career. The platform is available as a free online assessment or as a talent management software suite for companies and universities that wish to integrate it into their own career counseling or HR services.

“Outdated career guidance methods are leaving students and professionals underserved. At Talentoday, we are changing the way people find a job by giving them invaluable insight into themselves and compatible career paths,” said Pierre-Francois Verley, Talentoday co-founder and CEO.

The assessment offered by Talentoday is the result of a collaboration between psychologists, counseling, recruitment experts, assessment professionals, and researchers from the National Center of Scientific Research in France. The team specializes in psychometric analysis, technology, and career guidance.

“Talentoday is the future of career guidance,” said Martin Ryssen, co-founder and COO. “The major personality assessment tests used in coaching today date from the 1950s, and many career assessment tools are either expensive or simply inaccessible for most professionals. It’s time for open access and a fresh perspective.”


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