December 24, 2013

Talygen Releases Project Management Tool to Simplify Tracking and Collaboration

talygen project management toolTalygen, a leading business management automation firm, is now offering a project management tool that helps managers and team members more easily organize, track, and implement projects. The web-based project management software makes the processes of planning, organization, tracking, collaboration, and billing more efficient thanks to a list of features including:

• The ability to manage multiple projects from a central hub

• Monitoring and measuring productivity and expenses with time tracking and cost maintenance functionality

• Message boards, file sharing, and screenshots to enhance collaborative efforts and team interaction

• Secure and accessible cloud storage

• Generation of spreadsheets, PDFs, and reports for review and exportation

• Creation of group tasks within single projects more efficient task completion

“Managers, employees, and even business clients will all benefit from Talygen’s Project Management Tool,” stated Harold Saini, Chief Program Manager of Talygen. “It covers every phase and aspect of project management and it works seamlessly with the rest of our products.”

The software additionally provides features for tracking progress to more easily stay within time and budget restraints. Not only can users generate start and end dates, but they may also track how time is spent during each task. Managers can also monitor the activities of each team member at any time.

Managers may also efficiently monitor and allocate resources with the software’s cost management features. Further functionality allows for setting or estimating amounts, the creation of milestones, and invoice generation. Managers, team members, and clients can use the communications tools to collaborate in a transparent and up-to-date environment.


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