October 28, 2014

Tandem Solutions Launches App to Help Orgs Align Performance with Business Goals

app for aligning performance with business goalsTandem Solutions, an organizational development consulting company, has launched TandemPerform, aimed at helping companies build an employee performance process that facilitates the alignment of employee performance and goals with the company’s overall business intent.

“TandemPerform enables you to quickly and easily define an employee performance improvement process and establish a dynamic method for feedback so that performance objectives are achieved,” explained Joe McCafferty, Managing Director at Tandem Solutions. “We believe this represents the next generation of performance management support. TandemPerform allows a business to create a customized solution that aligns with their company’s specific objectives and helps employees focus on doing the right things and having the right conversations with their managers and colleagues. The process supports ongoing, dynamic feedback from multiple perspectives to ensure employees are staying focused and improving.”

In addition to its customizability, TandemPerform offers:

  • Simple and quick implementation of new performance processes and support tools.
  • A dynamic performance management environment that enables employees to update progress online and allows for ongoing manager and colleague review and feedback.
  • Aggregate reporting which enables clients to assess performance strengths and gaps across the organization and create strategies for strengthening the talent pool to achieve organizational goals and values.
  • A secure and accessible online environment that is available wherever the evaluator has Internet access and has redundant back-up and recovery systems in place.
  • Flexibility and cost-effectiveness providing a number of options based on timing and price that can be implemented broadly across an organization.

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