December 12, 2013

Taskworld Launches Collaboration Platform to Measure How People Work

manilla folderTaskworld, a performance-driven collaboration platform, has made its flagship product generally available as a cloud-based project management service and mobile app. With Taskworld, users can organize projects, assign and receive tasks, consolidate comments, and provide feedback on employee performance. The platform is currently available for free for unlimited users and projects and provides 2 gigabytes of cloud storage.

The new internal project management app provides several significant features for increasing productivity and engagement and the drive to improve performance scores. The performance measurement process involves detailed analytics and feedback for any task or project and centralizes improvement as a cornerstone of each task. Primary features of Taskworld include:

• A single screen providing a list of all users’ tasks for starting the day.

• Logs all information and changes to a task and notifies users by email as an assignment reminder.

• Communications related to a task or project are added to a comment stream for easy access and are automatically archived once a task is closed.

• Users can prioritize key tasks through an email snapshot that sorts all tasks into different categories.

• Measures performance based on completion rates and a qualitative five-star rating granted by the task’s assignor.

• Users provide and receive feedback from managers and coworkers to improve transparency and accountability. A soon-to-be-released enterprise version will provide visibility of any team member within an organization.

• Available as a cloud-based solution or for iOS and Android devices.

Taskworld is the first project management solution to make performance measurement and feedback as important as the actual tasks and assignments,” said Fred Mouawad, founder and CEO of Taskworld. “Rather than waiting every six months to give someone a general and vague performance review, Taskworld engages employees at every step, making project assignment, completion and evaluation one giant feedback loop that inspires constant personal and organizational improvement.”


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