techtargetWith the launch of its new website, technology media company TechTarget, Inc. combines expert articles, tutorials and other resources to help technology buyers make better decisions when purchasing products in areas like accounting and general ledger, procurement, analytics, payroll, employee financials, human resources software and human capital management, workforce management, and talent management. The site launched with over 25,000 registered users.

With the recent introductions of technology such as cloud computing, mobile apps, and advanced analytics, organizations are struggling to leverage the power of new technology to increase efficiency and flexibility while also spending responsibly and becoming increasingly educated about emerging business and IT tech.

“The need for accurate financial planning and forecasting has never been greater and, as such, we continue to see heightened demand for innovative business software designed to help streamline the complex operational processes that span today’s finance and HR departments,” said TechTarget Vice President Michael Bolduc. “As companies continue to recognize the strategic role human resource management plays in determining overall financial performance, adopting an integrated approach to managing back-office operational systems becomes paramount.

Membership is free and includes subscriptions to TechTarget’s Financial Applications Advisor, and HR Applications Digest e-newsletters. expands TechTarget’s portfolio of assistive websites which include,,,, and

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