give a wow receives major upgradeTerryberry, a leading provider of employee recognition solutions, has announced a major overhaul and update for its social media-styled employee recognition platform, Give a WOW. A central new feature of the version 3.0 upgrade is the enhanced responsive design of the platform, which enables full functionality and user experience on any device, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

“Mobile usage of Give a WOW has grown nearly 700% in the last year, and we know that figure will continue up and to the right,” says Mike Byam Terryberry’s Managing Partner. “One of the paramount drivers behind Give a WOW 3.0 was the need to make it even easier and more engaging for users to view and give recognition on a mobile device.”

The Give a Wow platform allows users to login to a group page where recognitions are displayed on a common news feed. The Mongo Wall is the place for users to scroll through recognition history so that it isn’t necessary to click through many pages of posts. The Mongo Wall can be filtered and searched enabling users to quickly access information about recognition regardless of the area of a business. The updated interface dynamically displays recognition information on any sized browser window making it suitable for being embedded in intranets and other RSS displays.

Byam adds, “We’re really proud of how Give a WOW 3.0 demonstrates Terryberry’s aptitude to innovate. It’s truly like nothing else on the market in the way that it balances a robust and feature-packed framework to support virtually any organization’s customized needs, while it makes it simple for users to recognize great work.”


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