Graphic design logo sectionAre you creative and artsy? Do you have a knack for arranging shapes and colors? Do you simply love to design things? Well, maybe getting a degree in graphic design is for you.

Now you may be wondering, “What can I do with that type of degree?” The folks at The Degree 360 have prepared an infographic to help answer this question and more.

When considering a career in graphic design, you’ll need some background on what graphic designers actually do. The infographic explains that, depending on the medium, graphic designers can specialize in a variety of roles, including:

  • Print publications: design signs and/or posters; create ads, visual communications and print media
  • Web publishing: apply programming skills to website design; develop web content with text, imagery and video
  • Online marketing: create graphic art for advertising and promotions; build marketing campaign materials
  • Entertainment: design credits for movies, TV, and videos; create special effects for games and movies

Graphic designers are most typically hired into the specialized design services, newspaper/book/periodical/directory, and advertising and PR fields. These workers most often earn the highest salaries in Washington D.C., New York, and Connecticut, to name a few, with salaries reaching almost $68/k in the nation’s capital.

And if you want to design but try a slightly different route, the infographic explains that careers such as multimedia artist, animator, and commercial or industrial designer closely match the requirements and duties of graphic designers.

Also, if you still need some extra convincing, the infographic offers a few notable graphic designers who designed logos and helped build brands millions recognize worldwide today. You know how everytime you go out of town you see the “I love (fill in the city)” t-shirts? Well, this recognizable brand was created by Milton Glaser, a Cooper Union School of Art graduate who designed the infamous “I love New York” logo. The infogrpahic also talks about Paul Rand, a graphic designer responsible for popular logos for IBM, ABC and UPS.

Graphic design infographic

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