male smiling and talking with friendsFinding a fulfilling career involves far more than simply matching your qualifications to a job description. It is also about finding a job that matches your personality. Extroverts gain a lot of their workplace energy from the interactions they have with their coworkers and customers. Socializing is an extroverts fuel for assessing and tackling challenges in the most efficient and creative way. If you are an extrovert, you will want a job that surrounds you with like-minded people that help feed your need for socialization and engage your intrapersonal skills. The following list contains some of the best jobs for the career-minded extrovert.

1. Health professions are typically always in demand, so you can expect to have a secure income and an engaging work environment as a physical therapist. Nationally, physical therapists make about $73,000 per year and focus their work on helping patients with sustained physical injuries. Extroverted personalities can thrive as physical therapists as their outgoing personalities and desire to help people will help motivate patients to push for recovery.

2. Jobs in human resources are primarily people oriented and require typical tasks including the recruitment of new staff and handling issues with current staff members. The heavy focus on employee engagement calls for high levels of socializing and lots of face-to-face time with both current and prospective employees. The median salary for a human resources specialist is almost $53,000 per year.

3. Another profession in the healthcare field requiring superb people skills is dental hygiene. Dental hygienists, with a median salary of about $73,000 per year, typically assist dentists with patients while working to keep them calm and act as a liaison between patients and staff.

4. Extroverts are naturally comfortable as the center of attention and perhaps no occupation cries out for that attention more so than acting. Actors maintain a regular dialog with other actors and set personnel and keep an up-to-date network of contacts in order to keep working. The median salary for an actor is about $51,000 per year.

5. For those workers driven by making money, working as a sales manager may be a good fit. Sales managers require high charisma in order to engage customers and convince them to buy what is an offer. Not only do sales managers work directly with customers but also oversee the management of an entire sales team. Salaries can vary from job-to-job but the median salary for sales managers is more than $107,000 per year.

6. One thing extroverts can be very good at is mediation. Being the “go-to” person for conflict resolution is great training for a career in mediation. A professional mediator helps people, or groups of people, to solve conflicts with other parties by objectively examining arguments from both sides of a conflict to find common ground. The median salary for mediators is above $53,000 per year.


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