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No matter how many times you onboard new hires, new kinds of challenges can always arise when you’re conducting remote onboarding. However, the primary challenge of onboarding new hires tends to remain the same: swiftly assimilating an employee into the organization. Studies say that around 69 percent of employees would stick with a company for a minimum of three years if they experienced great onboarding.

One of the best tools to help with the assimilation of new hires is an organizational chart. Confused? Here are five practical ways in which organizational charts lead to effective employee onboarding:

1. There’s No Faster Way to Introduce Organizational Structure

When you use organizational charts with HR tools like Freshteam, your new hires get a quick one-page view of the whole organization. You can introduce them to leaders at multiple levels, show them team structures and reporting relationships, and help them see their own team members and what they do — all in a single org chart. There is simply no faster way to do it. Here’s a quick peek into Freshteam’s org chart. The chart fleshes out to show you managers, teammates, and direct reports as you navigate through different employees.


2. New Hires Can Get to Know Their Teams Even Before Meeting Them

Once they’ve navigated to their team on the chart, a new hire can spend a few minutes getting to know every person on the team and what they do. Your new hires might even be able to pick up a detail or two about their colleagues that could be potential conversation starters when they finally get to connect with their teammates virtually or in person. Understanding people and the work they do also enables new hires to reach out to the right people whenever they need support, right from day one. No more wasting time asking around or shooting emails to the wrong people!

3. Organizational Charts Give Remotely Onboarded Employees a Visual Tour of the Company

Assimilating a new employee into any organization is hard enough, and it can be even harder when onboarding remotely. Organizational charts make the job so much easier. The employee profile information stored in the org charts can introduce your leaders and teams to your new hires, irrespective of their geographical locations, functions, or titles. Org charts provide not only the names, but also happy faces to go with them. While working remotely, new hires can quickly look up any colleague’s contact information whenever they need it, thanks to the org chart.

You can handle the entire pre-onboarding process with Freshteam even before the new hire joins. Send forms to fill, documents to sign, handbooks, culture videos, etc. You can create a little checklist of things your team has to achieve as a part of the onboarding process and assign different tasks to the relevant people.

4. Organizational Charts Inspire Aspiration

As early as day one, new hires might want to know about the growth opportunities or career paths they can have in the company. Most often this is brushed aside, with managers assuming it has already been discussed in the interview. However, getting to know the roles of their colleagues and leaders, as well as their career journeys, is a definite source of inspiration for newcomers. This knowledge helps them clarify how their own roles fit into the team and the broader company. It also breeds aspiration. In fact, a report from International Data Corporation shows that employees in the US and UK cost businesses $37 billion because they don’t understand their jobs.

5. Organizational Charts Create a Sense of Belonging

In a remote work setting, when your new hires see their own profiles and pictures listed on your organization’s chart, this can be a defining moment. It creates a true sense of belonging in the new employee. As an admin, you can choose to include any field you want in employee profiles, customizing the relevant fields per your company culture. You could even include the employee’s favorite flavor of ice cream, t-shirt size, place of residence, or hobbies. Make the profiles as formal or quirky as you want your culture to be!

Freshteam by Freshworks is a smart HR tool that auto-populates org charts based on the reporting relationships of your employees when you add new employee profiles to the system. It is available for all employees with differing levels of restriction, on both desktop and mobile, which means employees can access org charts from anywhere, per their roles. If you haven’t already notice, Freshteam’s org charts are also easy on your eyes and mind. Try the Freshteam org chart for free.

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