The Network Inc. logoGovernance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions provider The Network, Inc. announced the release of its new management solution, Policy Management. The SaaS-based app helps direct the policy management lifecycle from conception to implementation and ensures that companies maintain compliance with all relevant regulations. The software also acts as a centralized hub for the access and distribution of organizational policies.

“Simply having good policies isn’t enough,” said Luis Ramos, chief executive officer of The Network. “Organizations require control over the entire policy lifecycle, which includes distribution, communication and training; updates as regulatory changes take place; and archival and auditing should a legal argument arise.”

Policy Management works to optimize the administration of company policies and
information retention through the use of interactive media and a wiki-like structure utilizing a social media-type interface. The app helps bind policies to their relevant regulations so that policy standards may be adapted to sufficiently support those regulations. The solution is completely integrated with The Network’s GRC suite of solutions software.

“How well employees understand their organization’s policies is a key indicator of
risk exposure,” said Jimmy Lin, vice president of Product Management and Corporate Development at The Network. “Our solution provides best-in-class capabilities and goes beyond the typical SharePoint document management approach, which lacks sufficient audit, reporting and controls functionality to be truly effective.”

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