Effective communication between different generations can be tough. Millennials, for instance, are unlike any generations before them because they grew up alongside technology. The problem is that many baby boomer employers struggle to attract younger employees as a result of the differences.

Today, we bring in Jacob Shriar as our featured expert. He has a lot to say about how to create a hiring process that captures the attention of millennials.

Jacob Shriar is currently the director of content at Officevibe, the all-in-one employee engagement platform that helps people enjoy¬†their¬†work. Jacob runs Officevibe’s blog, which has become a go-to source for valuable HR information and advice. He is an expert at creating content for the millennial generation, which makes him perfect for this episode.

Find out what Jacob thinks is the key to adapting your hiring process to the needs of today’s growing millennial workforce.

How do you think employers should approach millennials?

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