Some of the best recruiters at your company aren’t recruiters at all.

As the lifeblood of your business, your employees know which skill sets, personalities, and traits make for successful, high-impact teammates. When you’re adding a new member to a team, you should listen to the people who will work alongside the new hire. They’ll be able to identify the best fits while pointing out important considerations that recruiters, HR pros, and others from outside the department may not think to take.

While getting the whole team involved in the recruiting process is ideal, it’s also a major challenge — especially if you run a large company.

On this episode of The Recruiting Reel, we talk with Shelli Nelson, senior manager of talent acquisition at Relativity. Nelson has nearly 20 years of experience in creating and executing innovative programs that propel companies beyond the competition, which is why we’ve asked her about seamlessly bringing your entire company into the recruitment process.

Watch the episode below to learn how to make the best recruiting decisions for your organization:

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