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One of the most attractive aspects of any job is a strong company culture. In fact, culture was named one of the top three human capital trends for 2016 in a recent Deloitte report, with 86 percent of companies finding it an important or very important issue. The better the company culture, the better the chance you have of attracting candidates. Here to provide some insight on this topic is our featured expert of the day, China Gorman.

China Gorman is a consultant who has spent more than 20 years in the HR consulting world. She formerly served as the CEO of the Great Place to Work Institute and was the interim CEO and the COO at SHRM. China is currently a keynote speaker and author of the Data Point Tuesday blog at She is also chair of the Work Human Advisory Board.

China knows a lot about running a business with a great company culture, but she also knows how to correctly promote that culture in order to recruit top talent. You don’t want to miss this episode:

What are some other ways that you could promote your company culture? Tell us below!

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