medicineWhether you’ve already established yourself in the medical sales field or you’re looking for a new career opportunity altogether, the latest infographic from can help.

Considering factors like job-to-candidate ratios, the number of open positions, average pay levels, and cost of living, surveyed the country and found the top 25 cities for medical sales professionals.

Some highlights from the infographic:

- New York City has a lot of open jobs, but a high cost of living and a high candidate-to-job ratio mean job seekers will have to work hard to land and keep medical sales jobs in the Big Apple.

- Phoenix boasts the highest average salary, with medical salespeople earning more than $178,000 a year.

- Competition is low in San Francisco, with a job-to-candidate ratio of about 1.85 jobs per candidate. However, the cost of living in the city is very high, which may turn some medical sales professionals off.

Want to find the city that will help you further — or launch — your medical sales career? Check out the full infographic below:


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