Believe it or not, but onboarding can be the make or break factor in a new hire’s success at your company.

Great onboarding processes give new hires the tools, resources, information, and connections they need to get up to speed and start producing value for your company. Bad onboarding processes, on the other hand, leave new hires confused about where they fit in and how they can be of best use to your organization.

Bad onboarding can also actively drive candidates away: According to a new infographic from ACA Talent, 59 percent of professionals in one survey said they would start looking for a new job immediately if the onboarding process went poorly.

Thankfully, the ACA infographic isn’t all doom and gloom. It also offers some useful advice on how to ensure your onboarding process hits all the write notes. Check it out below:

ACA Talent Employee Onboarding high res

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