one third of job seekers want to relocateA study on job relocation conducted by career network, TheLadders, has found that 35 percent of nationwide job seekers are looking for jobs outside of their local area. Data were collected from the company’s more than six million member database and were used to determine where people most often moved to work in a better economic climate. Job seekers from smaller designated market areas (DMAs) were most likely to search for out-of-town job opportunities with New York appearing to be the most reliable DMA. New York City was followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Atlanta, and Houston, outpacing DMAs such as Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C.

“People go where the jobs are, and by diving deeper into our data and analyzing job application behavior, we’re able to see which cities are becoming leaders in their respective industries,” Shankar Mishra, vice president of Data Science and Analytics at TheLadders, said. “Through this analysis we can now provide job seekers with better insight into locations with the most relevant jobs.”

The smaller DMAs found to be hot spots for relocation were likely popular due to their status as emerging markets for the technology, marketing, and sales industries.


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