when i workThe thisCLICKS company, provider of employee scheduling and communication application When I Work, has announced the launch of TeamTxt, a customizable messaging service offered through When I Work. The new app allows managers to send customized text messages to any sized groups ranging from single individuals to small groups or even to an entire staff.

“Since most people are texting more than they talk, employee communication needs to adapt in order to be as effective as possible,” says Chad Halvorson, CEO of thisCLICKS. With 174 million Americans texting daily, and 97% of those texts being opened within 15 minutes of being received, it’s hard to argue that human communication has shifted. Although text communication is booming, not all mobile communications are equally popular; according to Mogreet, a leading text message marketing firm, 88% of emails are never even opened. Halvorson continues, “If you have a crucial time-sensitive message for your employees, texting is absolutely the most reliable option.”

In addition to TeamTxt, When I Work also includes its standard 2-way messaging service which sends automated text messages to employees for purposes such as schedule updates, upcoming shifts, and work requests. Trial accounts of When I Work start with 25 free TeamTxt credits with future credits available beginning at 3 cents per message.

“Since When I Work’s launch two years ago, we’ve seen that the text messages are incredibly valuable to our customers. Managers feel more confident in the accountability of their staff, and employees appreciate being contacted through their preferred medium,” Halvorson says.

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