mtm recognition logoLeading employee reward and recognition solutions provider MTM Recognition has announced the launch of three new engagement apps to offer a totally mobile web-based recognition platform for “on-the-spot” employee recognition tasks. The new apps include Carousel Mobile, Workout Journal, and MTM e-Cards.

Carousel Mobile provides a real-time recognition feed for employees to view all recognition events within their company. Through a system of custom badges, the tool tangibly connects business objectives to the behavior of workers. Each badge represents a company goal or initiative.

The Workout Journal app integrates both internal social-engagement recognition platforms with external accounts (such as Facebook or Twitter) to track activities related to wellness. Workouts can be added, deleted, and shared via a digital journal at the preference of the employee. Trophies are also up for grabs to individuals obtaining personal goals. The app may also be tied to corporate wellness initiatives.

MTM e-Cards allows user to create e-card messages featuring brilliant graphics that can be sent easily to anyone within an organization. E-cards are selectable from a large variety of pre-loaded designs and sent to individual recipients.

“We are very excited to announce these new additions to our social engagement offering, said Greg Starling,” VP of IT at MTM Recognition. “We spent thousands of hours engineering a user interface that is easy to use and with Carousel Mobile, Workout Journal and MTM e-Cards in place; the experience has just become easier.”

Carousel Mobile is available on iOS and Android and Workout Journal and MTM e-Cards is available on iOS devices only.

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