bluetooth beacon for staff trackingTimeForge, provider of leading online labor management software products, has released a new staff tracking and asset management tool called PlaceForge. PlaceForge uses small low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) beacons and small networked receivers to track staff or any important asset. PlaceForge turns this data into reports that managers can use to see where their staff and other key assets are and have been.

Staff carry small BLE beacon “fobs”, shopping carts or other assets get small BLE beacon “tags”, and all the fobs and tags signal their distance in real-time to small BLE “hub” receivers placed around a store or other location. The PlaceForge web-based application then sorts and analyzes this real-time data with simple yet powerful analytical tools.

With the new tool, managers can see exactly when the staffing levels in any area match what was planned. They can also see where staff members are spending the most of their time, thus can decide how to schedule staff for maximum efficiency.

With tagged shopping carts or baskets, a store manager can know which areas of their store are being visited most by customers. They can know exactly where and when customer service staff is needed the most. Store managers can then decide how to optimize their entire retail space for maximum customer service. By tagging key assets, managers can instantly and continuously see not only where equipment is but how often it is actually used and exactly where and when it is most needed.

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