clicktime time, a provider of timesheet software, is slated to release its ClickTime Resource Planning Suite alongside its updated ClickTime WebTimesheet 7.0 and will expand ClickTime’s product offering to include major project management enhancements that allow companies to use real-time business analytics to better predict resource and budget needs.

“The combination of our proven timesheet offering and strong customer demand for a resource planning solution created the perfect opportunity to bring this new full-featured software suite to market,” said Alex Mann, CEO of “We are excited to add this compelling enterprise-grade resource planning tool to our product line.”

“ClickTime Resource Planning provides administrators and managers with actionable employee data to efficiently allocate labor resources to meet budget and project goals,” said David Brockman, Senior Product Manager of “The dynamically updating and easy-to-use configuration grid allows managers to work with a familiar spreadsheet interface, while quickly and efficiently distributing constrained resources in the best interest of individuals, teams and the company.”

Resource Planning extends the utility of the dashboard metrics and business intelligence visualizations that empower business administrators to gauge company health, by also providing employees access to simplified goal-progress charges to help them perform efficiently and productively.

“The metrics that Resource Planning provides are invaluable to companies on a day-to-day basis, whether companies are managing simple tasks, complex jobs or entire programs,” reports Brockman. “In addition to the dashboard metrics and business intelligence visualizations that administrators are given to assess company health, all employees are provided easy-to-understand goal progress charts that keep them on-track. Many customers have already reported great success with our Resource Planning tool.”

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