October 7, 2015

Today Is the Day to Update Your Resume

penA recent survey from LinkedIn found that 45 percent of people quit their jobs because they didn’t have room to grow. Other reasons people cited for leaving their jobs included:

– poor leadership (41 percent);

– looking for a better work culture and more challenging work (36 percent);

– and the desire for better pay at work (34 percent).

The most intriguing aspect of this survey is the fact that the statistics cited above pretty much match the reasons why job seekers turn to resume writers. During a 30-minute resume consultation, I often ask clients how much they value their job happiness. Some have openly stated, “I haven’t really focused on that, but maybe it’s time to.” You spend more time at work than you do at home — so why shouldn’t you be happy at work?

Moreover, it is often the case that dissatisfaction does cross our minds, but we are fearful of leaving the comfort of a job we are accustomed to. We question whether the grass is really greener on the other side.

Why You Should Always Keep Your Resume Up-to-Date

There are multiple reasons to update your resume — and there are plenty of times when it is important to have an updated resume ready to go. What if a recruiter locates you through your LinkedIn profile and you haven’t updated your resume since you started at your company four years ago? Relying on your memory to remember everything you’ve done for the past four years can be quite overwhelming — and you’ll probably make some critical errors.

That’s why it’s a good idea to keep a list of your accomplishments, achievements, and major contributions. Update that list every six months. It’s much easier to reflect on the past six months than it is to reflect on the past year or four.

MacbookIf your career interests change and you realize it’s time to look for a new opportunity, you’ll have a much easier time searching for a job if you have an updated copy of your resume on hand that accurately reflects your current skill set.

You should also note that there are many skill sets that are transferable between industries and positions. Knowing what skills a new position requires and plugging in specific examples of how you have demonstrated those skills can help you craft a better list of accomplishments and achievements.

Today’s Resumes Are Critical Documents, Not Simple Formalities

Resumes are no longer laundry lists of your work history and job responsibilities. Now, they are strategic career documents that must market your brand and sell your value to a potential employer. The best way to stand out as a job candidate is to be able to differentiate your skills and accomplishments from the next candidate. What may have landed you the role with your company four years ago may not be enough now that you are reentering the job market.

Keeping your resume updated will help you stay agile in your career. You’ll be ready to pounce on any opportunity that arises. A review of your resume by a professional resume writer can be an insightful tool that helps you learn where there’s room for improvement. Similarly, a professionally written resume can and will shorten your job search, increase your income potential, and land you a better job.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”  Start updating your resume before a new and exciting position catches your attention.

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Wendi Weiner is an attorney, former college writing professor, and Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) -- a certification that only 43 other resume writers hold in the country. It is a certification that ranks her as one of the “best resume writers in the industry.” Wendi is also a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CRPW) and a Credentialed Career Manager (CCM). She is a member of numerous professional associations for resume writers, and she was elected to serve on the 2016 Board of Directors for The National Resume Writers’ Association. Wendi is a published authority in the resume industry and has been quoted by The Huffington Post and Business News Daily. She frequently speaks at local colleges and for organizations on resume writing, LinkedIn profiles, and interviewing skills. Wendi is the owner of The Writing Guru, a resume firm based in Miami, Florida, with national clientele.