jobs printG.I. Jobs, a leading resource for service members transitioning into the workforce, has released its inaugural Top 20 Hot Jobs for Veterans, a list of Fortune 1000 companies actively recruiting veterans. Positions placing on the list come from a range of fields, such as construction, transportation, financial services, and human resources. Top selection were identified from their inclusion in the 2013 Military Friendly Employers data of Fortune 1000 companies.

“Service members have skill sets that are applicable to a wide range of jobs and corporate America has taken notice,” said Sean Collins, director for G.I. Jobs and a Navy veteran. “You’ll see many Hot Jobs focus less on the direct translations of military occupational skills and more on intangible skills gleaned through military training such as team leadership, effective communication and logistics experience.”

Collins continued, “Any service member looking for a civilian job should first consider these positions because these positions apply to everyone. Companies are actively recruiting veterans to fill these positions because they have a proven track record of success.”

The top 20 jobs for veterans, as determined by G.I. Jobs include:

• Technician ($57,444 average salary)

• Engineer ($81,966 average salary)

• IT professional ($62,299)

• Mechanic ($52,230)

• Sales representative ($56,390)

• Logistician ($70,800)

• Project manager ($64,412)

• Operations manager ($87,550)

• Financial services ($75,436)

• Customer service manager ($53,600)

• Security officer ($54,300)

• Driver ($53,000)

• Power plant operator ($77,748)

• Retail store manager ($55,000)

• HR manager ($87,674)

• Intelligence analyst ($84,000)

• Banking branch manager ($64,757)

• Train conductor ($68,000)

• Construction worker ($42,951)

• Lineman ($58,440)

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