trainevision offers television-styled video trainingPerformance improvement company Trainevision has released its first product, Customer Service Intelligence, into the marketplace. Customer Service Intelligence is a video training concept that heavily relies on video-based learning designed to play like primetime television. The soon-to-be released product is a crime-scene dramedy in the vein of CSI or NCIS with additional genres, including sitcoms, and game shows.

“Today’s Learners watch close to 34 hours of television per week. So, we decided to put serious learning in a format that they already know and love,” said Leigh. “That’s why we plan to create an original television series and genre for each soft skills course. And we believe that our “television series-style” training technique will resonate with learners at a deeper level because they’ve grown up with the medium. There’s already a measurable loyalty to the format.”

Trainevision combines corporate performance improvement and entertainment backgrounds to produce off-the-shelf SCORM-conformant eLearning that is story-based, fully gamified with multiple user interfaces, and a variety of challenges and assessments. Instructor-led streaming and DVD solutions provide leader’s guides, customizable PowerPoint, learner workbooks, and addition support materials. Each product is focused on its own original series including built-in recognition and rewards elements.

“You can’t fool today’s learners. They know story when they see it; which is every single day – Hollywood style,” said Marguerite Gregory, co-founder and vice president of product development. “This product has true television-quality storytelling, acting, and production, so it’s engaging. But to make a course effective, you’ve got to power it with groundbreaking instructional design. And that’s exactly what we’ve done with Customer Service Intelligence.”

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