amplifyHR extends benefits of cornerstone ondemandTechnology services firm Tribridge has unveiled Tribridge AmplifyHR, a cloud-based technology solution that helps customers of Cornerstone OnDemand get more benefit out of their talent management investment through expansive levels of personalization and customization. The new technology allows users to tweak the interface, create custom reporting dashboards, and integrate third-party applications such as Citrix GoToTraining.

“Our research shows that ease-of-use and the ability to customize user experience are extremely important to talent management professionals,” said Steven Horwitz, executive vice president of Corporate Development for Tribridge. “Companies now realize how important it is to communicate their brand’s essence internally – to people who steward the brand every day – and talent managers want tools that make it much easier to do this.”

Key features and benefits included with Tribridge AmplifyHR include:

• Advanced user interface design capability for customizing talent management systems to meet specific demands and reflect a brand’s unique personality.

• Data management capabilities to provide insight into talent-management performance through customizable dashboards supporting real-time decision making.

• Easy integration with third-party solutions including, but not limited to, offerings from Claro, Citrix Online, Evernote, and DocuSign. Multiple apps from multiple vendors combine into a cohesive user experience.

“The benefits of our solution are best seen in action at companies such as PANDORA, which is personalizing its learning for 15,000 young employees on six continents in 19 languages,” added Horwitz. “This is personalization at the highest levels, and it’s a great example of the combined power of Cornerstone OnDemand and Tribridge AmplifyHR.”


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