April 10, 2014

TriNet SMBeat Provides Look at Employment Growth for Specific Job Titles

growth for specific job titlesCloud-based HR services provider TriNet has announced the findings of its March TriNet SMBeat, which takes a deep look at employment growth for job titles across industries and geographies for the five year period between January 2009 and March 2014. The report found that jobs in sales and marketing have experienced the greatest average growth since 2009 with a 25 percent annualized increase. Software engineering has also experienced high growth since the end of the recession while operations grew the least.

Data for the report are sourced from more than 8,900 clients representing approximately 230,000 worksite employees in the U.S. Key findings on employment growth since the beginning of 2009 include:

• The fastest growing jobs out of the recession have been related to sales and marketing. The first year post recession these jobs saw a 13 percent average growth and has grown to a 25 percent average during the past four years. Sales and marketing jobs are expected to expand to a 33 percent average annual net job growth in 2014. New York-metro based jobs are predicted to grow the fastest this year at an annual growth rate of 37 percent.

• Software engineering jobs have expanded beyond the technology sector to reach nearly every other sector. These software-related jobs are forecast to expand at an 18 percent annual growth rate in 2014. The New York-metro area also has the highest demand for software developers with a four-year average annual growth rate of 35 percent. The forecast for growth in 2014 is 17 percent.

• Operations jobs, including support back-office positions like project management, accounting, and customer service, have grown at the slowest rate since the recession. Between 2010 and 2013, annual growth sat at 9 percent. Net job growth in the sector for 2014 is an even grimmer 7 percent. These jobs have expanded the fastest in the San Francisco Bay Area where they have grown at an annual rate of 19 percent. Operations expansion in this area for 2014 is expected to be an annualized 12 percent.

Additionally, overall job growth in March increased 0.86 percent, up from .81 percent in February; most notably in the construction sector. Net job growth in this sector rose to 1.47 percent from .92 percent in February. California led the way with 1.28 percent net job growth, followed by Georgia and Florida with 1.09 percent and 0.66 percent growth, respectively.


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