December 18, 2012

UCLA Highlights Professions with Strong Projected Hiring Trends in 2013

job magnifyingAccording to UCLA Extension, jobs primed for growth and salary increases in 2013 are grouped in the industries of information technology, engineering, health care, finance, construction, and management. Professional development and continuing education certificates will continue to give workers a decided edge against their competition and the opportunity to earn a higher salary and become stronger candidates for promotions. The Dean of UCLA Extension, Cathy Sandeen, said:

“We’re hiring.’ ‘You’re promoted.’ ‘Your salary is being increased.’ These are phrases many mid-career professionals wish to hear in the New Year. The question is how to properly position oneself for this kind of opportunity. Industries are demanding more education and improved interpersonal skills. In many cases, those individuals who possess strong technical or professional skills and take proactive measures to seek advanced learning continue to be among the most desirable to employers.”

The top five professions identified by UCLA Extension to exhibit stronger hiring trends, salary growth, and career advancement potential include:

• Information technology: companies continue to increase IT staff as social media and mobile devices become ubiquitous. Programmers and designers are also sought after given the growing concern for security within the industry.

• Management: demand for management is experiencing a surge as companies look for qualified individuals to launch new initiatives and motivate teams.

• Engineering: engineering professions have experienced explosive growth in salaries as the range of engineering needs continues to grow.

• Financial planning: job growth in the financial planning sector is projected to grow by 30 percent as companies begin to earn more money and workers save for retirement.

• Medical, health care, and counseling: one-third of the 20 fastest growing careers are in health care; especially within the mental health and substance abuse sub-fields.


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