UMB Healthcare Services logoUMB Healthcare Services has announced the launch of its UMB Business Partner Portal as an online tool for brokers, agents, and consultants in serving their clients. The portal includes a dashboard view of account information, data analysis, and reporting functionality that allows business partners to customize each employer’s HAS program.

“The portal has an intuitive design that provides business partners with real-time access to their employer groups’ account information, which allows them to answer client questions with a click of a mouse,” said Dennis Triplett, CEO of UMB Healthcare Services. “Our ultimate goal is to offer a tool that makes data reporting and analysis a seamless process, while providing additional resources to our clients such as communication and educational resources.”

Key features include:

• Real-time snapshot of all employer groups from a centralized dashboard view.

• Access to detailed account information for each employer group.

• Access to detailed monthly reporting for each group and the running of aggregated reports.

• A set of reporting tools performing functions such as providing average account balances, contribution and distribution monitoring, and key account holder information sorting.

“We are excited to offer the first comprehensive business partner portal in the HSA industry,” said Triplett. “This portal helps enhance the visibility of our business partners and the services they offer, while demonstrating our commitment to better equipping partners and the employers they serve.”

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