Uncle Sam Labor iPhone AppThe U.S. Department of labor has recently launched a mobile app that delivers the latest labor data and news straight to a user’s smartphone. From the unemployment rate to average hourly earnings, users can get up-to-date government news releases and figures delivered courtesy of the Department of Labor and its Employment and Training Administration.

“We know that people around the world are interested in labor statistics,” said Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis. “The Labor Department is continuously exploring how to share important information using the fastest, simplest, most wide-reaching means available, and this app allows us to increase the accessibility of our statistical data.”

The app is free and easy to use – instantly displaying real-time updates to the unemployment rate, Unemployment Insurance initial claims, the Consumer Price Index, payroll employment, average hourly earnings, the Producer Price Index, the Employment Cost Index, productivity, the U.S. Import Price Index and the U.S. Export Price Index. Breaking news releases are also included to help users understand as well as contextualize data and trends.

The D.O.L. news and labor app is currently available for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android phones. Versions for other mobile devices, including, BlackBerry and iPad, are currently in development. Interested users can click here to download this free app.

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