July 11, 2012

Updated Employee Scheduling App Released

employee scheduling softwarethisCLICKS has announced the release of a new version of its employee scheduling software called When I Work. Web based, and with over 50,000 active users per month, the software helps reduce overtime costs, improve communication channels between employees, and facilitate staff management. The new version offers a more flexible text-messaging platform and adds smartphone support. Employees can text simple messages to the system such as, “Do I work on Friday?” and receive an immediate reply from the program. Managers are given the power to bring scheduling to mobile devices so that employees can select and modify their own shifts.

“It’s like Siri for your work schedule,” says Chad Halvorson, Founder and CEO of thisCLICKS. “The more integrated, accessible and collaborative employee scheduling is, the more effective, responsible and accountable managers and employees will be.” He continues. “We’re excited about the potential of our new version to make a big difference in how companies schedule. It takes what we know works, and expands its flexibility to meet the needs of even more businesses. It’s still simple, still mobile, and still evolving to get even better.”

The newest version of When I Work has been updated largely around user feedback which has lead to the creation of a “Sites” tab that allows manager to schedule staff of specific locations, single-click payroll tracking, and scheduling for unpaid breaks leading to more accurate budgeting. New mobile apps have also been included in the release to address a variety of user issues.

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