March 20, 2011

Use a Career Finder Test to Locate the Best Career for You

checkA career finder test helps you to determine which career options best suit your particular personality type. These tests use psychological criteria to help determine thought and feeling patterns from your answers. Questions in career path tests can vary widely from your preferences between statements to colors and shapes or even how you feel about certain types of careers.

More and more employers are using career tests in conjunction with personality tests to determine where employees will fit best within their organization. Sometimes these tests are given to applicants before they are hired while other companies offer career tests as part of their human resources department to help develop employees.

Taking a career finder test is extremely beneficial at any stage of your career search. Knowing your strengths and your preferences helps you to locate a career in which you will be happy. Enjoying what you do for a living affects your health and your wellbeing just as much as it affects your daily activities.

Two of the most common career path tests are the Myers Briggs Indicator and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. While they are related, each career aptitude test is slightly different.

The Myers Briggs Indicator, also called the Jung Typology Test, asks you to select either “yes” or “no” to seventy different statements related to different personality types. Your results from this career personality test are a four-letter acronym that indicates your preferences between introversion and extroversion, sensing and thinking, judging and intuition, and feeling and perceiving. While you may not feel strongly one way or the other about each individual statement, there is no in between answer, so each question in this career finder test must be answered one way or the other. This version of the career test does not require any personal information in order to receive your results.

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter is similar in some ways to the Myers Briggs career personality test. The test asks you seventy-one questions to measure your temperament according to four types: rational, idealist, artisan and guardian. As with the Myers Briggs test, you are given only two options for each question, so there is no middle ground. This career finder test requires you to enter your name and email address in order to receive your results. While you can purchase reports based on your results, you may find it more informative to read about the different temperament types after taking this career personality test and determining your result.

Taking a career aptitude test is certainly not a required aspect of your job hunt. However, knowing what professions best fit your personality and interests is invaluable and can help you to narrow down your choices considerably. Use the results from your career finder test wisely, and you will reap the benefits for years to come.

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