Veloxiti logo“Thinking software” provider Veloxiti announced its official company launch Monday making its intelligent-agent software now available for commercial use. Veloxiti provides software that helps businesses make better, faster and more comprehensive data-driven decisions.

The company states that it adds intelligence to existing IT solutions and accelerates the speed and productivity of business professionals, enabling them to make better decisions faster. “Intelligent Agents” are software solutions that “think” similar top human performers—they rapidly process and analyze large amounts of information, up to one thousand times faster than the human brain, and give decision-makers a more complete picture of their complex data. This in turn gives people the ability to make a better decision.

More and more companies are having a difficult time finding experienced workers to handle “Big Data.” McKinsey Global Institute predicts a shortfall of 1.5 million data-savvy managers necessary to manage big data in the U.S. by 2018.

“Companies are facing a two-fold problem around big data,” said Don Turner, president and CEO of Veloxiti. “The first is finding enough affordable, top performing talent to manage and interpret the data. And second, with the exponentially increasing amount of data available to make decisions, even top performers can’t process all the information to make decisions in a timely manner. Our solutions are designed to fill this knowledge gap, redistributing intelligence across your organization, spreading ‘best practice’ across all your resources.”

Veloxiti came from Applied Systems Intelligence, a leading artificial intelligence research organization for more than 20 years. Veloxiti says unlike other systems designed to replace human operators, its systems are designed to help employees increase productivity with day-to-day data management and data-driven decisions.

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