finger touching virtual screencfactor Inc., known for its socially-aware HR technologies, has launched its newest HCM suite providing a complete HR, talent management, and payroll solution, Vibe HCM. Partnered with PlatformOne, a leading provider of payroll and benefit-services delivery, Vibe HCM transforms HR service delivery in midsized and large organizations into a personalized and interactive employee experience. Vibe HCM contains:

• An engaging onboarding process

• Social HRMS

• Comprehensive talent management

• Integrated, interactive social tools

• On-demand workforce insight

• Transformative HR service delivery

“There is a new choice in the comprehensive SaaS based HCM space,” said Cary Schuler, Co-Founder and CEO of cfactor. “Vibe HCM changes the game, bringing a unique focus on employee experience, adoption, and company culture. HR technology is about much more than just transactions and back-office. It is about connecting people, creating excitement, effective communications, efficiency, job satisfaction, world-class HR Service delivery.”

“Clients are getting the very best of all options with Vibe HCM,” added Henry Hardin III, CEO and President of PlatformOne. “It serves as catalyst for communication, converging next generation technologies with the stability of a proven, award winning transactional platform, all bundled within first-class managed services.”


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