October 19, 2011

Video Interviewing Platform Obtains Series A Funding From Venture Capital Firm

NewsOVIA, an emerging leader in video recruitment technology, has recently secured their first significant funding round from venture capital firm, DCM. The funds will be used towards product enhancements, growth in sales and marketing, and the addition of a number of new employees.

A relatively new contender in the space, OVIA was launched in January 2011 and their candidate screening and selection tool is already used by a number of high profile organizations, including Groupon, Intel, AT&T Interactive, and Salesforce. OVIA’s platform helps organizations save time and money in their recruitment process, and adds a personal touch that can’t be found in traditional phone interviews.

“The new wave of recruiting technology centers around video technology that is becoming more ubiquitous via webcams, mobile device cameras and video services like uStream and Youtube,” said David Chao, co-founder and general partner, DCM. “Companies today are wasting time and resources on unqualified candidates. OVIA’s video technology helps employers quickly uncover key traits of a candidate, share with others, and focus in on the right candidates. OVIA turbo charges the conventional process and the ROI proposition is hard to beat.”

DCM’s partners manage seven funds totaling over US$2 billion and have made investments in more than 140 technology companies across the United States and Asia. They have played a role in the success of other online recruitment companies, including HireRight, a leading provider of on-demand background checks, and 51Job, a leading job board in China. With DCM as strategic partner, OVIA’s future looks bright.

“Our goal is to disrupt and improve the recruitment process by leveraging technology to bring back the true essence of recruitment: people getting to know people,” said Rodrigo Martinez, CEO and co-founder of OVIA. “We are excited to have DCM join us as a partner in reaching our vision of helping employers find the best, most passionate candidates – the candidates that are truly going to make a difference for them. And we also want to help job seekers find the jobs that they love. DCM’s experience in the recruitment space will be invaluable to us as we grow towards that vision.”

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