blue puzzle piecesConsulting company EurekaConnect, offering products and services based on a proprietary Behavioral Dynamics Program (ECBD), will be presenting at the Model Agreements Guidelines International (MAGI) Conference in Boston from May 5 to 8. The program focuses on combining assessment technology and model 17 leadership characteristics. Organizations use the evaluation data obtained by ECBD to train their workforces and drive organizational growth and efficiencies.

ECBC objectively identifies why individuals and organizations face difficulties in achieving optimal outcomes. The program assists organizations with evaluating individual personality characteristics, job performances, and leadership effectiveness to help them in understanding behavioral tendencies that affect individual performance levels. The primary goal of ECBC is to strengthen both personal and professional skills through a process including identifying personality and behavioral tendencies, understanding assessment results, acceptance of feedback, and managing personal behaviors more effectively.

Once data is received from ECBD, individuals are given greater personal insight into how to have more effective collaborations with others to benefit the greater team and increase performance.

Curtis Sprouse, CEO and president of EurekaConnect, said, “The purpose of our program is not only to help people understand how to be more effective and efficient in different aspects of life and the workplace, but also to give them a glimpse of the remarkable program we use and how it can dramatically help employees advance. This ultimately improves the working environment and pushes businesses to reach success at a higher level. It’s also great for team building.”

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