digital suggestion boxInnovation management platform, Vocoli, has announced the general availability of its digital suggestion box. Vocoli is a place where employees and customers have a platform to provide suggestions that can improve an organization. Vocoli’s workflow encourages stakeholder buy-in and research combined with open collaboration, social innovation, crowdsourcing and gamification.

“Innovations come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes an innovation is a game changer, and sometimes it’s a new process or way of doing things – a series of small ideas that add up over time. Innovations can happen in product development or the factory or HR or IT – even in government. But too often those ideas get lost in a black hole. Vocoli solves that,” said Rich Kneece, CEO at Vocoli.

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering is designed for all devices, from desktop to mobile and can be accessed with any device or screen size. It’s ideal for organizations in high-tech, government, manufacturing, healthcare or education, and can be customized to work within any corporate culture.

Features include:

• Fully cloud-based to remove headaches from IT and HR departments

• An intuitive interface that helps users back-up their contributions

• Attach photos and documents to add context to new ideas

• Share ideas with various stakeholders through Vocoli’s social innovation features

• Crowdsourcing of the best ideas by using your team’s collective knowledge

• Campaigns to target specific organizational issues

• A combination of open collaboration and a defined workflow to ensure ideas don’t get lost

• Group features to share ideas among project and cross-functional workgroups and teams

• Flexible points system to create recognition and rewards for the best ideas

• Available widgets to integrate with external websites, internal intranets and enterprise social networks

• Reports to show ROI of the program

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