May 26, 2014

VoiceCover Enables Job Seekers to Record Audio Cover Letters

news block lettersWhen it comes to the job search, many experts will advise you to think outside the box. Well, the folks at VoiceCover have provided a way for you to do just that.

VoiceCover is  a unique service that allows users to give “voice” to their job applications—literally. Job seekers have the ability to introduce themselves and their qualifications via audio recording—mimicking an audio cover letter.

How It Works:

  • Users create a FREE professional profile
  • Using the voice recording feature, job seekers add their VoiceCovers by introducing themselves and their skills for up to two minutes.
  • Voice recordings post to users’ profile pages in order for potential employers to listen and effectively search for potential candidates.

The service also allows users to apply for jobs using their VoiceCover. Each job posting includes an employer-posed question for applicants to answer. Job seekers can record their answers, a feature that the company says puts them in the interview seat.

And even if a job seeker prefers not to set up an online profile, Voice Cover allows non-registered users to attach their resume and VoiceCover to jobs that are posted by employers.
“We believe every applicant deserves a chance to speak and present their qualifications in their own voice in which the quality of the candidates will be assessed with adequate measures rather than the ability to write an engaging cover letter,” Aref Amiri, founder of VoiceCover, said. Amiri also said that VoiceCover is also beneficial for recruiters. He added:

“Effective interaction at an early stage of the recruitment process is very valuable and this approach helps identify the unique skills and personal qualities which makes the matching process easier. It helps recruitment managers to get the best out of the applicants in the minimum time possible.”

For more information on the new service and to get started using VoiceCover, visit

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