mobile wellness platformChiropractor-founded, workplace-wellness and activity developer The Movement has announced the release of Voom, a desktop and mobile wellness platform for engaging employees, throughout the workday, in stretching and strengthening exercises. Through the platform, employees participate in brief “micro-moves” videos throughout the day that helps them avoid the ailments common with continual sitting, inactivity, or repetitive tasks. Voom is also designed to reduce stress and fatigue while improving focus and job performance when used every day.

Voom becomes a part of the everyday routine and each two-minute session can be completed at a work desk with little impact on regular workflow. The gamified framework in which Voom is embedded helps keep users engaged through earning points, badges, and rewards for meeting program goals. Periodic report card emails, or V-mails, keep both employees and administrators informed of progress.

“Sitting all day for weeks at a time takes a tremendous toll on one’s body,” said Dr. Gregory Soltanoff, CEO and co-founder of the Movement. “Unfortunately, most people have few opportunities during the workday to take the time to stretch or undertake the kind of activities that mitigate the ill-effects of stationery work. Voom lowers all the major barriers to healthy ‘workstyles’; it’s convenient, as the program is delivered directly to the employee’s device, and it fits seamlessly into the workday, requiring just two minutes at a time. The game framework will play a big part in keeping users engaged and motivated, providing organizations with a more sustainable way of maintaining employee health and productivity.”


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