open platform for job openingsWANTED Technologies, a leading supplier of big data analytics for the human capital marketplace, has announced that its real-time database of more than five million currently available job openings in the U.S. and Canada is available for integration into consumer-facing career and education sites.

WANTED collects real-time job opening information from more than 25,000 online sources of jobs and now makes this data available to clients and partners through an automated Application Programming Interface (API). This set of real-time data is now available to consumer-oriented websites offering jobs, career guidance, and educational services.

“With our software, we have the ability to organize massive amounts of real-time job information,”  WANTED President and CEO, Bruce Murray, said. “And with the API access to our database, our partners can now incorporate our real-time job opening information into their own job-seeker-facing applications.”

In addition to making its data and analytics available through its online dashboard, WANTED’s API opens up its database to enable third-party developers to access the same real-time data. The online interface to the WANTED database enables partners to query the database, receive the results of that query and then incorporate those results into their own applications.

“In particular, this method of accessing our data opens up the possibility for consumers to access our data via applications developed by our clients and partners,” said Murray. “This same capability will be available as our database expands globally, as well.”

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