finger touching virtual screenWANTED Technologies, a leading supplier of big data analytics for the HCM marketplace, has announced the launch of its talent supply and demand products for Canada. WANTED provides insight into supply and demand for talent using a data warehouse of more than one billion records describing continuous hiring activity since 2005. Clients, which include corporate HR departments, staffing agencies, and government analysts, use these insights to make more intelligent decisions in areas such as recruiting, workforce planning, economic development, and educational policy.

“We currently are collecting and storing data on hiring activity in more than 150 countries,” Bruce Murray, president and CEO of WANTED Technologies, said. “The launch of our talent analytics product for Canada is the beginning of a series of releases covering key talent marketplaces around the world.”

WANTED’s products include both real-time measurements of hiring activity, as well as historical trends for more than 11,000 individual occupational categories. The real-time hiring activity will provide Canadian corporate HR departments and staffing firms with detailed competitive intelligence on hiring and how to overcome recruiting challenges. “It allows them to make decisions on how to better manage human capital, quickly and easily with real, proven data,” Murray said.

The historical trend data illustrates hiring behavior before, during, and after the recession of 2009, providing financial, economic, and policy analysts a complete measurement of the labor market through the most recent economic cycle.

“We aggregate hiring demand and talent supply, then make the results available to our clients through our online dashboard, WANTED Analytics,” Murray said. “Clients have access to the data to conduct their own analysis.”


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