August 13, 2013

Web-based Retirement Prospector Launched by Judy Diamond Associates

jda launches reitirement prospectorJudy Diamond Associates, a provider of lead generation and market intelligence tools for the retirement industry, has announced the launch of Retirement Plan Prospector, a comprehensive online sales prospecting and plan analysis tool for the DC and DB markets. All tools and features available within the suite are based on research conducted using Judy Diamond Associates subscriber data including users such as financial advisors, agents, brokers, and a variety of other retirement professionals.

“Retirement Plan Prospector brings smarter prospecting and research tools to both the defined contribution and defined benefits markets,” said Eric Ryles, managing director of Judy Diamond Associates. “Its data and tools present streamlined prospect-level data to support the sales pipelines of agents, while also providing the in-depth and complete information needed to create complex market analytics.”

Ryles continued, “Until now, retirement market professionals looking to identify new leads and market trends needed the time and expertise to search through mountains of dense plan data to find the leads and actionable intelligence they needed. With Retirement Plan Prospector, we do the work for them so they can focus on their businesses. Our plan scorecards allow for easy quantitative comparisons across plans while our suite of prospecting recommendations and key performance thresholds guide subscribers through the data seamlessly.”

Retirement Plan Prospector includes information derived from Form 5500 disclosure documents submitted by ERISA-qualified retirement plans and market research conducted by Judy Diamond Associates other parties. This data was collected from over 750,000 plans nationwide.


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