November 7, 2011

Webinar Offers Lessons in Inspiring Employee Engagement, Retaining Top Talent

NewsJuice, known for their training and development services designed to increase employee engagement and productivity, has recently announced an upcoming webinar focused on inspiring employee engagement. Entitled, “How to Measure Results in the Feelings Economy,” the event will educate participants on the benefits of effective internal communication, and reveal how proper dialogue can increase retention and empower employees to become engaged.

“People leave organizations when they become disengaged,” said Brady Wilson, co-founder of Juice.  “If organizations can detect and transform that disengagement with appropriate communication methods, they can keep their employees and remain competitive by inspiring engagement.”

The webinar, led by Wilson and Christy Pettit, senior partner at ODScore, will discuss the various benefits and differences between engagement surveys, look at research and case studies that show engagement ideas in action, and reveal strategies for communicating effectively and efficiently with employees. By session’s end, participants will have learned:

  • The evolution from employee satisfaction to retention, engagement and now, energizing people.
  • How releasing organization energy impacts a great employee and customer experience and great results.
  • The evolving meaning of retention.
  • Employee-manager partnerships — how employees can own their own engagement.
  • How to translate engagement data into a conversation and the tools to do it effectively.

Highly regarded in their fields, Pettit is a consulting expert on employee communication, succession, engagement, collaboration, and implementation of strategic people plans, among other fields. Wilson is an author and thought leader that understands the value in effective employment communication strategies. Their free webinar will be hosted on Wednesday, November 16, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. EST. Registration for “How to Measure Results in the Feelings Economy,” is available here.

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