viridian health wellnessViridian Health Management has announced the release of its MAESTRO data platform to integrate data sources for the application of proven analytics in order to document the performance of worksite wellness programs. MAESTRO allows employers to track program performance and administer focused incentive programs through the integration of multiple data streams. The platform allows for the customization of risk metrics and the identification of priority areas of focus.

The platform also offers comparison tools so that employers can determine the performance of their wellness program compared to statistical averages and project health-related cost savings over time. MAESTRO tracks health programs based on user-selected criteria such as customizable biometrics, health assessments, medical conditions, program participation, and referrals.

“Viridian is on the cutting-edge of worksite health performance management by giving employers the actionable information they need to improve employee health, lower health-care costs and improve productivity,” said Brenda Schmidt, president and CEO of Viridian Health Management. “Viridian’s sophisticated data station supports importing data from multiple sources and provides integrated client-specific reporting capabilities that can monitor and validate the effectiveness of worksite health programs and document ROI based on actual cost savings.”

MAESTRO is modular and includes several integrated modules supporting clinical care management, data reporting, and incentive tracking. The incentive module allows employers to customize award criteria then tracks and reports on individual incentives online.

“Currently available systems do not effectively support employer-specific health improvement and incentive strategies that integrate multiple third-party data sources,” added Schmidt. “By developing an enterprise system for documenting and evaluating program effectiveness, Viridian can determine which program interventions and financial incentives are the most cost-effective and can provide employers with credible, objective and meaningful evaluations.”

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