NewsHR Managers will benefit from a new e-course by WFC Resources called, “Introducing Flexibility: A Guide for Human Resource Staff.” The course is designed to assist HR managers in developing a committed, engaging, and productive workforce. In addition to the course, the WFC website offers various free resources and guides to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

WFC Resources is a company based in Minnesota and has 25 years of experience to assist organizations seeking to create positive and successful workplaces. “Introducing Flexibility” is WFC’s eleventh e-course, with former courses focusing on stress management, performance, and telework. There are free demos for each course.

Rachel Hastings, vice president of WFC Resources, had this to share: “We believe that in order to survive in this economy, you have to light a fire under your talent – find the magic that will make them super-engaged. And we believe Human Resources professionals are most qualified to transform workplaces that may have grown fearful and stodgy during the recession. That’s why we produced this course.”

Included in the course are four modules:

  • Understanding workplace flexibility
  • Taking the plunge
  • Making remote work work
  • Flexibility for low-wage and hourly workers

The e-course will also guide HR staff in the selection of a task force, business case, get approval from top management, and assist in guiding managers with flexible work arrangements.

For more information, please visit WFC Resources website at

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