Win-WinYou may be paying your employees competitive wages, but if you’re not also offering them competitive benefits packages, you’re missing a crucial opportunity to engage and retain your workers.

According to a new infographic from Namely, purveyors of a cloud-based HR, payroll, and benefits platform, “Today’s top talent demands total when it comes to total compensation, and that includes providing a top-of-the-line benefits package.”

Don’t believe the hype? Check out some of the findings from Namely’s infographic:

  • 47 percent of employees say their company’s health care plan is one of the reasons why they’re staying with their employer;
  • 45 percent of employees say that retirement plans are key to retaining them;
  • 80 percent of employees say that benefits packages can influence their engagement levels;
  • and 57 percent of employees say they’re willing to accept lower compensation in return for better benefits packages.

View the full infographic below — and make sure your benefits offerings meet employees’ expectations.


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